INGARM reflects the evolution of financial markets and its associated regulatory structures.  Our teams provide:

  • Deep understanding of financial instruments and markets
  • Quantitative approaches and algorithms in the design of individualized risk return solutions
  • Index and benchmark construction
  • Rating agency review, construction and analysis
  • Integration of third-party solutions
  • Configuration and implementation of market standard third-party solutions
  • Quantitative models for pricing and valuation in the health care, banking, asset management and insurance industry

In addition, highly focused and specialized individuals with vast industry experience work with clients in creating:

  • Financing Alternatives
  • Risk Management Algorithms/Data Aggregations/Methodologies
  • Specialized Risk/Return Solutions
  • Risk and accounting system architectures and blueprints
  • Business architecture concepts and blueprinting
  • Risk methodologies and aggregations
  • Regulatory reporting